Ping Test Easy

Ping Test Easy 4.05

Quickly check on your network connection


  • Eliminates the need for DOS commands
  • Personalises the pinging process
  • Saves results in a text file


  • Not much to look at

Not bad

For the benefit of the uninitiated, 'pinging' is the process of sending a packet of data to a network server in order to check that is responding.
This simple procedure is normally done at command line level, but Ping Test Easy makes things simpler by providing you with a GUI within Windows to help you perform the same task.

The application lets you very quickly verify the connectivity between two machines, as well as the response time, and the availability of other networks, by posting ECHO data using the ICMP protocol.
Rather than having to blunder your way through DOS commands, you can use Ping Test Easy to create groups, specify rankings to your pings, define the size of packets, the interval of delivery, and you can store all your results in a text file.

Ping Test Easy is a handy, powerful, visual ping test utility and IP scanner for system administrators to check network connections. It can save IP addresses and hosts name, intuitive interface shows the route, hosts, packet loss percentage, min/max/average response times.

Ping Test Easy


Ping Test Easy 4.05

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